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Group management report

The comdirect group achieved its targets in 2015, consolidating its position as market leader in online brokerage and as one of Germany’s leading direct banks. It comfortably achieved its increased earnings target. With a return on equity of almost 17%, comdirect is one of the most profitable retail banks in Germany.

Foundations of the comdirect group

A strong business model: As a smart financial companion, the comdirect group offers much more than the usual range of bank services. The 2020 strategy will primarily see the expansion of digital asset management.

Business model of the comdirect group / Targets and strategies / Management

Market and economic review

Variable conditions, good business outlook: The record level of net commission income made a crucial contribution to the increase in earnings to a new record high. Both business segments exceeded the previous year.

Macroeconomic framework conditions / Industry framework conditions / Regulatory environment / Business performance and earnings situation at the comdirect group / B2C business line / B2B business line / Financial situation and assets of the comdirect group / Non-financial performance 

Outlook report

The comdirect group continues to grow in a demanding market environment. With the 2020 strategy adopted at the end of the year, comdirect puts securities-based saving and investment at the heart of its strategy.

Forward-looking statements / Expected economic framework conditions / Expected business performance and earnings situation / Expected financial situation

Risk report

comdirect manages risk as an integral part of global bank management. The risk situation overall, and in the individual risk categories, was again uncritical in 2015. comdirect still has comfortable risk buffers.

Risk-oriented global bank management / Risk categories of comdirect / Overall risk position in financial year 2015 / Risk categories / Risk relating to deposit modelling / General model risk

Opportunity report

comdirect identifies, assesses and utilises opportunities systematically and at an early stage. The opportunity situation is promising over the long term. 

comdirect intends to establish itself as the first choice in digital asset management through its cooperation with FinTechs, among other things.

Categorisation of opportunities / Identification, management and assessment of opportunities / Current opportunities

Compensation report

Using effective and proportional conduct incentives, appropriate and sustainable compensation for the Board of Managing Directors contributes to the comdirect group’s continued positive performance. 

Board of Managing Directors and Supervisory Board compensation is reported on an individual basis.

Compensation of the Board of Managing Directors / Compensation of the Supervisory Board